ATM’S professional staff includes registered engineers, staff geologist, chemist environmental professionals and trained technical specialist. Our equipment inventory includes the most sophisticated testing equipment to provide the following:

Soil Test  +  Concrete Test  +  Soil Boring  +  + Asphalt Testing QA/QC Percolation Test  +  Double Ring Infiltrometer  +  Monitoring Wells Installation  +  Pile Monitoring  +  Pile Load test  +  Pile Integrity Test (PIT)  +  Pile Dynamics Analysis (PDA)  +  Roof Inspection (Miami-Dade County Protocol)  +  Environmental Audit Phase I & II  +  Environmental Chemical Testing as per EPA  +  Engineering Design Services  +  Forensic Engineering  +  40 Years Re-Certification  +  Project Management  +  Threshold Inspection by Certified Building Inspectors  +  R-Meter & GPR Scanning Services  +  Windsor Probe & Swiss Hammer